Monday, 2 April 2012

Yo crafty people....

Happy Monday! Just sharing the love on a Monday...tough day at work but home to do some crafting. I got some lovely fabrics in the picture above- they are John Lewis fabrics which I found at my local haberdashery, I plan to make some aprons and use the lace and ribbon as the ties and neck strap. I was thinking they would be perfect presents! 

I am close to finishing my bombshell dress with Craftsy, I had to stop myself from buying the next course before finishing this one....not that I am a quitter but I am like a kid in a candy store....I see the patterns and projects and my eyes light up. I vow to finish the projects I have on at the moment before starting anything new....yeh right I hear you say. 

Thanks and hello to my new followers! Hope to get better at keeping you updated and share some tips and stories. 

Over and out. x

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