Tuesday, 20 March 2012

On my way home...finally!

Hello! Things have been rather quiet on the blogging front because I have been here there and everywhere for work this week and last. I must say its quite exhausting travelling on planes trains and automobiles (as per the classic
John Candy film) and even more exhausting waiting around for the travelling! Am glad to be waiting at the airport on way home...am 3 hours early but have settled down with my woman's own magazine to read about Fern Britton's gastric band....

As you will have read on my last post, the volume of sewing projects I have started have taken over a bit lately... I am desperate to finish my Craftsy bombshell dress this side of Christmas and I am happy to say that I now have the front section of my bodice sewn together and the cups ate looking sweet! You will see from my pictures on earlier posts (some were upside down for some reason) that I was really struggling with making my toile (or muslin as they say in the US) and after my fourth unsuccessful attempt I was more than ready to throw in the towel. I had had enough and just couldn't understand how to make the cups of the bodice bigger without meaning that the other pieces don't join together right at the seams...I told this to my pattern cutting teacher who showed me how to increase the bust cup- which should be done at the top of the cup and not at the bottom as I had thought. I somehow persuaded myself to make one last toile and hey presto it fit!!!! So I moved onto the next online lesson and can't wait to get back home and make some more of the bodice.

I already have my eye on another Craftsy course which is to make a tailored jacket but I'm trying to be strict with myself and have vowed to finish my other projects before I take on any more! We'll see how long that lasts for eh!

I will post some more pictures soon. Watch this space...

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