Wednesday, 7 March 2012

To my three followers.....thank you!

Thanks so much to my first 3 followers! I was blogging to no-one in particular for a few weeks....which was fine, but it is always nice to have some readers.

So....pattern cutting was pretty good last night although I got myself in a bit of a muddle when trying to draft a sleeve block (standard size mock up which you then alter to fit your exact shape)'s actually much more technical than I ever realised! The calculator came out for some of the maths (never been my strong point) and I had points all over the page as if I were back at school drawing a graph. I searched high and low for this class and am happy to say it is really great. It is at Chorlton Adult Education service just outside Manchester and as it is in a college classroom it takes me back to my days doing textiles in high school! As you can imagine, the room has such a random collection of stuff all over the walls....different textile techniques etc. There are large pattern cutting tables- I would love love love one at home but haven't got the room!

The teacher recommended a book which apparently many colleges refer to in their syllabus when teaching pattern cutting- for those of you who are interested it is 'Metric Pattern Cutting' by Winifred Aldrich. It is pretty old but gives you the mathematical instructions you need to plot out a basic pattern block on pattern paper. The old ones are the best as I always say! I am hoping that I can design some patterns of my own this space.


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  1. hEya

    reading this is making me want to go back to my college days too :)
    how much is the course & ho long does it run for? I have been looking around for a course of this kind... i already have that book u mention but it is a bit baffling & i learn easier by practical being shown :)
    keep rockin those stitches

    Lolli x