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Paper Pom Poms

Paper pom poms are the perfect decoration for your home or event. They are quite expensive to buy ready made but are so easy to make! I recently made a few different sized poms to decorate the sweet buffet at my wedding reception....they went down a real treat. 

 Step 1- Equipment
- Sharp scissors
- Tissue paper in desired colour
- Thin wire (jewellery/floristry wire is perfect)

Step 2- Stack around 8 sheets of tissue paper on top of one another. A full size (A3) sheet of tissue paper will make a huge pom - I found that quartering the sheets made a perfect size for my buffet table.

Step 3- Fold the stack of tissue paper into a concertina.

Step 4- Fold the concertina in half and crease. Unfold and wrap a piece of wire around the crease just made.

Step 5- Trim both sides of the concertina to create a rounded edge.

Step 6- Peel away each layer of tissue paper and puff out the pom!

Completed pom