Monday, 10 September 2012

Wedding fever

Hello there, it seems to be a recurrent theme that I post on my blog and apologise for not having posted in such a long time....I won't bore you with that this time around.
I have been really busy with wedding preparations as me and the OH are finally tying the knot in March next year. Lots to organise and arrange, probably much more than I originally envisaged and despite not wanting to become obsessed by ribbon colours and table plans, I am finding it hard to resist the desire to get everything perfect. I strongly believe that it is the marriage and not that one, over before you know it day, which defines a relationship and I am trying not to lose sight of that. Every weekend at the moment is taken up by appointments with photographers, venue dressers, florists etc, and I have to say I am looking forward to just spending time with the OH at the weekends without having to be somewhere at a particular time (rant over).

It is quite nice that my OH's brother is due to get married in December and it is a great excuse to make another of my memory boards which is going to be the table plan for the big day. I absolutely love making them and this one was really special given that I am chief bridesmaid. I managed to source material which is as near to the colour of the bridesmaid dresses as possible, and, I must say the colour match is quite impressive when you put the two together. I then found some gorgeous coordinating ribbon- my favourite has to be the 'to have and to hold' East of India ribbon which I purchased from eBay. The plan is for the stationer to produce the table lists and then they will simply be attached onto the board itself which will sit on an easel for all to see. A great idea is to use the minature pegs which cardmakers often use, that way the fabric doesn't get spoiled by adhesive and can be used again as a memory board after the wedding day!

Watch this space for a picture of the memory board in action in December...