Friday, 22 February 2013

Fascination Station | Wedding Crafts

Well hello...I haven't posted for a week or so and I am acutely aware that I was on quite a roll there with two or three posts in one week! That has to be my best performance yet. So my next instalment is about the most amazing hen party that my friends organised last weekend. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends who know me inside and out. I have to thank all of them but especially my made of honour who organised the weekend so perfectly and had literally thought of everything.

I had been hoping that we would be doing an activity which would involve crafts of some sort and I was so pleased when the activity was revealed as......fascinator making! The plan was that we would make something amazing to wear on our heads later that evening when we hit the town. So after some heavy tea drinking and cake scoffing we got down to business. We were each given a small box containing all the materials we needed to get started on our creations. The boxes contained all sorts of bits and bobs including a sinamay base, a crocodile clip (or haircomb in my case), ribbons, embellishments and of course some russian veiling. Every box followed a different colour scheme. I brought down some extra bits from my craft room...of course one can never have enough ribbon and buttons to choose from.

The contents of my box...

After a few hours of sewing and drinking bubbles the fascinators were complete! Everyone was really pleased with their own creation and couldn't wait to put them on for the big night out. I absolutely loved this activity and it inspired me to try my hand at millinery. Cue accessing eBay to search for materials!

The finished fascinator

When I started this blog, entitled 'an adventure in sewing' I was indeed an amateur seamstress at heart, however as time goes on I am beginning to realise that my love actually extends to most crafts. Sewing- dressmaking in particular, will always be my first love but I am eager and excited to try anything and everything to express my creativity. Next on my list is to tackle crochet.....I attended a workshop at French Knots last Summer but found it difficult as a left-hander to translate the stitches when holding the needles the opposite way around (sounds easy but have a go!) and I am determined to give it another go....properly. My good friend has just completed the Attic 24 granny stripe blanket and I absolutely love and aspire to it! I will hopefully be posting shortly about my progress....or lack thereof.

Emma x