Tuesday, 12 June 2012

First craft fair....done!

My pink memory boards....and a few extras to bulk up the table

Sock bunnies sitting proud!
I know it has been a good few weeks.... (if not months?) since I last blogged- this is because I have been frantically preparing for the local church sale in Haydock. My mother-in-law said 'why not take a table' and so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it!

I initially set about making sock bunnies to sell (for which I am eternally grateful to Danielle Lowey of Rubbish Revamped as she taught me how to make them), I soon had 12 bunnies at the same stage...ears sewn, filled with rice and stuffing, and just awaiting faces. They gathered on my coffee table looking all sorry for themselves if that is possible without a face. It took me a few weeks to get around to sewing them up and giving them eyes and a nose. Once they were complete I set about making some lavender scented hearts. These proved to be quite difficult because sewing them up by hand took an age, but trying to put a stuffed heart under my sewing machine needle was nigh on impossible. I persevered and managed to make around 15 hearts. These went down quite well with the locals so I will definitely make some more of these for future fairs.

Lastly, I set about making my memory boards (see my earlier post on this for more details). I love the memory boards probably because my dad was involved in sourcing the materials and giving me ideas on the best way to put them together. As far as dads go, I must say mine is pretty darn good, of course I am biased, but he managed to take me seriously whilst talking about craft fairs and material and actually got quite involved. I am going to focus more on the memory boards over the coming months as I think I could create some great designs for different purposes. My sister-in-law to be has asked for one for her wedding table planner so I will be concentrating on designing the perfect board for her which she can keep after the big day for all of her momentoes.

So....would I give up the day job after doing my first fair- certainly not. But I met some lovely people and got some great feedback on my makes.