Thursday, 12 April 2012

What an achievement! First pair of trousers...

Hello! Well I promised pictures of a completed project and hurrah- here they are...first pair of work trousers...DONE. They not only took a lot of willpower, determination and cotton but also 4 Saturday sewing workshops at Bambers in Eccles to finish them.

The end result I must admit to being proud of, but there is a cautionary tale to tell fellow seamstresses...ready to wear (ie size in the shops) is definitely not the same as the pattern sizing. I chose a size 10 as that is what I usually go for in the shops but alas, when I tried to pin fit them to myself they were way way too small! Que expert Celia at Bambers having a long hard think and coming up with the idea of creating a third panel from spare fabric for each leg! Ingenius I must say.

I also thought I should mention my recent discovery...that twitter is actually quite cool! Have been a member for a while but unfortunately got swept away by Facebook before I could realise how great twitter is. I am now well and truly fed up of facebook. I started following a few people with craft interests and all of a sudden I am tweeting away and meeting such lovely people...I have been invited to a craft workshop this weekend with Rubbish Revamped based in Manchester and can't wait to make sock bunnies with my new friends! Social networking does have some benefits after all...

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