Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Something a bit different

When the nights started to draw in from about October (after one of the wettest Summers I can remember!) the usual struggle to get out of my beautifully cozy bed when my alarm goes off commenced....it is the same every year and I had decided that I had had quite enough of it thank you!

I have read articles in the past about the Lumie bodyclock and the claims that it will make getting out of bed that bit easier...I reserved judgement but decided that this was the year to put those claims to the test. I bought one of the Starter bodyclocks which I found on Amazon for £59.99. I later discovered that if you buy direct from Lumie they offer a 30 day home trial which I probably should have gone for just in case I didn't find it worked out for me. Needless to say no such trial was needed as I have been pleasantly surprised by the result.

For those who are reading this and thinking to themselves....'a Lumie what what?' the theory behind this wonderful device is that it acts as an alarm clock which wakes you up naturally (as your body intended!) by imitating sunlight through the lamp on the top of the device. You can choose to have different lengths of sunrise depending on your preference. I would say that I am a light sleeper usually so I didn't think this idea would work as I envisaged me waking up as soon as the light bulb sneaks on, but actually I usually wake up about 20 minutes into the 30 minute sunrise and I feel so much more refreshed (if that is possible).

Coincidentally, not long after buying my Lumie Starter I won a more expensive model (Lumie Active 250) in a Lumie competition! If you are thinking of investing in this piece of kit then I would recommend the more expensive model- purely and simply for the reason that it offers so much more choice. It has a radio feature and also several different sounds for you to have as a backup to the sunrise- currently I have tweeting birds which is quite nice.

I usually blog about my craft and sewing adventures but I thought I would shake it up a little by recommending this product- I know that whenever I am considering buying something like this I always read and trust customer reviews so hopefully what you have read will be worthwhile!

The moral of the story? Enter competitions- sometimes you might just win!

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