Monday, 6 February 2012

First ever post!

Hi there....well if you have stumbled upon my blog it is probably because you share my passion for all things crafty....especially dressmaking and sewing in general. Welcome to my space. I am completely new at blogging so excuse the appearance whilst I get the hang of it!

A bit about me...
My name is Emma and I have been into sewing ever since I had the pleasure of trying out my nana's old Singer sewing machine on old hankerchiefs when I was around 11 years old (am now 26)....ahh those were the good old days- when all that could go wrong was turning the corner of the hankerchief and accidentally sewing off the edge....! Nowadays I worry about all kinds of strange things like notches....seam allowances....and the grain of fabric (sounding familiar???) and half the time I still end up going around in circles.

Luckily, I progressed from the hankerchiefs (sigh of relief!) onto attending some dressmaking courses in the Northern Quarter of Manchester which, by the way, is particularly good for sewing supplies (Abakhans) and vintage shops (The Junk Shop, Dale Street). Here I learnt to make a basic shift dress and put into practise various skills like inserting zips, using facings etc....

I am now going to as many courses as possible and am trying to absorb all of the knowledge like a sponge (wishful thinking...) Hopefully you can follow my journey and I will share what I can....from one seamstress to another! I aim to post pictures of projects...the good, the bad...and oh yes- the ugly in all their glory. Maybe you guys can help to point me in the right direction or visa versa.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Bye for now...

My Fair Hands x

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